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We specialize in the development, sale, implementation and management of business systems, develop web solutions, specialized applications, provide services in the field of hosting and application management, and are a major supplier of High Performance Computing products.


There is always a suitable solution. We will find it and make it for you.


Help and support

We are socially responsible company.

We consider social responsibility to be an integral part of our corporate culture. As one of the leading IT companies operating in the Czech Republic, we proudly support social and environmental principles, which also serve to strengthen the company’s strategy. We take a responsible approach not only to the protection of the environment, but we also help organizations that are long-term dedicated to the support of the disabled, the implementation of humanitarian and development projects, and generally strive for overall democratization and respect for human rights.

Since 2020, in cooperation with Konto Bariéry, we have been organizing the event Sprinx helps with movement – movement challenges linked to a contribution chosen by the handicapped.

A comics about the history of Sprinx

A picture is worth a thousand words and comics never go out of style.

That’s why we gave ourselves an extended version for our 25th birthday.

If you are interested in parts of it on our website, you can read the full version right here.

Open comics

How time passed in Sprinx

We are developing a service application Pocketservice.


Virtual Rep (B2B Ready) – B2B e-commerce solution.


Pharmaceutical division became Sprinx Pharma.


Begining of Sprinx Consulting.


New generation Sprinx CRM.


Softwarehosting is now AppOn.Cloud.


New version of Sprinx CRM – SprinxCRM 7.


„We are The Doers“the rebranding process of the company started.


An alternative sales channel for the 3M company.


International expansion new Slovak branch – pharma projects in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.


New USA branch – Sprinx Systems, LLC.


New division established – Pharma divize.


Creating a hosted solution Sprinx CRM.


First cloud product „BMW configurator“.


Sale of (at the time) the second largest portal on the Czech Internet Atlas CZ, a.s.


Creation of an internet portal


The establishment of Sprinx s.r.o. with a focus on internet and intranet solutions.