Don´t be afraid of video content for your business

Video content has always been popular with consumers and saw its big boom during the pandemic. Whether it was streaming interesting interviews, DIY ( videos, various tutorials or v-logs. The community has quickly learned that videos are an integral part of their daily activities, so it’s no wonder that marketers have placed the creation of (sales) video content at the top of their marketing activity lists. Because even according to the numbers, it is selling very well through the videos!

What videos to shoot?

If you are venturing into the uncharted waters of video production for the first time, you first need to think about what effect you want the video to have. Will it be informative or salesy? Instructional? How about a video like a case study? What does the community that will be the consumer and that you are reaching look like. Based on this, you can easily build the skeleton of the script and derive the footage. However, the golden rule from social networks always applies – if you don’t (don’t know) what to say, it’s better not to create video content. For starters, I recommend videos with footage under two minutes. It’s easier to keep the attention of your followers, and you’ll have a better chance of keeping the content juicy in such a relatively short footage.

I have a vision, what next?

Video production from a professional agency is of course qualitatively visible at first glance. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t shoot and process the content yourself, for example on social networks. Definitely don’t worry about it! The better series of today’s phones can record a video in very decent quality, on the other hand, authenticity is highly valued by the community, and subsequent post-production, including editing, can be easily handled in CapCut, Canva, or Creative Studio. Do not forget that the video can be cut into a number of thematically different parts and reuse the communication. For example, if you have a video from an interview, then each question with an answer creates the potential of a separate video shot, which can be used, for example, on social networks.

Money talks

What if you reach out to professionals with the wish to have the video not only filmed, but also directed and subtitled? Just deliver on a turnkey basis? Then all you need is vision and cooperation. Yes, prepare for costs in the order of ten to hundreds of thousands for one video, depending on the demands. The important thing, however, is that if you think about the use of video very well, the costs will be recouped relatively quickly. Even in a global survey by Wyzowl, 92% of video marketers said that video gives them a positive return on investment in a short period of time. We have a similar experience ourselves.

And what about Sprinx?

We love video production. Both the in-house “amateur” one and the professionally filmed one. This is how a video case study of our service application looks like, for example.