ChatGPT: a chatbot that changes the game rules

Have you ever wished you had Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory as your friend? And do you know that it is actually possible in an online environment? Don’t you believe? Try ChatGPT and I guarantee you will be blown away by the level of some of his responses.

But let’s start from the beginning. OpenAI (coincidentally co-founded by Elon Musk) launched a prototype chatbot on the GPT-3 platform on November 30, 2022. With a serious face, we can talk about the fact that communicating with him is very similar to communicating with a person of flesh and blood. Why is there so much talk about an “ordinary” chatbot? Because this neuron model can very well predict the following words and possible connections and associations based on the analysis of a huge amount of texts available on the Internet. Yes, “it” does learn it.

What is a chatbot good for?

Of course, not only for managing classic chatbot services, solving common settings and problems associated with your product or services, handling complaints, helping with orders. Just like with a real operator. It’s not that groundbreaking, I understand. But if I add that the content composition of the generated text is at such a high level that it is assumed that in the future it could also replace journalists, copywriters and could also learn to program. The risk may be that not all information must be relevant and correct at all costs. So it is advisable that you do not approach this technology as an encyclopedia. Likewise, ChatGPT still has a problem solving math tasks because math requires logic and abstraction. Between us – maybe it’s a good thing there’s still something he’s struggling with.

In this part of the article, it occurred to me that there is actually no need to work with sources and engage in classic “journalism”, that you just need to chat with the chatbot and let it show itself.

So I´m introducing chatGPT!

JanKotlin: I’m writing an article about you, can I do a short interview with you?
Chatbot: Yes, sure! I will be happy to answer your questions. What are you interested in?

JanKotlin: How are you different from other chatbots?
Chatbot: As an AI model trained by OpenAI, ChatGPT differs from other chatbots in several ways:

Range of knowledge: ChatGPT is trained on millions of text documents, allowing it to answer a wide range of questions with a high probability of being correct.
Natural Language Capability: ChatGPT is trained on natural language and can respond in common, understandable language.
Ability to generate text: In addition to answering queries, ChatGPT can also generate new text based on input, making it suitable for various applications such as automatic transcriptions or content creation.
Ability to work with different languages: ChatGPT is trained in multiple languages, including Czech, and can answer questions in different languages.

Due to these features, ChatGPT stands out from many other chatbots and provides an excellent communication experience.

JanKotlin: Great! What can your paid version of Chatgpt+ do?
Chatbot: The paid version of ChatGPT+, offered by OpenAI as part of its API, provides several enhanced features over the free version:

Higher performance: ChatGPT+ is trained on more data and provides higher accuracy and response speed.
Multi-Language Capability: ChatGPT+ is trained in multiple languages ​​and provides the ability to answer queries in multiple languages ​​with high accuracy.
Personalization: ChatGPT+ allows users to personalize the model to answer questions specific to their application or industry.
Higher capacity: ChatGPT+ provides higher capacity for generating text and answering queries, allowing more flexibility in application development.
Technical support: Users of the paid version of ChatGPT+ get access to technical support from OpenAI, which can help them integrate the model into their applications and solve any technical problems that may arise.

These advanced features make the paid version of ChatGPT+ an excellent choice for businesses and developers who want to take advantage of AI capabilities in their application development.

JanKotlin: How can you be useful, for example, to e-shop operators?
Chatbot: ChatGPT can be beneficial to e-shop operators on several levels:

Customer service: ChatGPT can be integrated into the e-shop as a virtual customer service representative and answer customer inquiries in real time, which can significantly improve the customer experience and reduce human staff costs.
Personalization of the offer: ChatGPT can use its predictive and analytics capabilities to personalize the offer of products and services to customers based on their purchase history and preferences.
Data Analytics: ChatGPT can use its data analytics and forecasting capabilities to help e-commerce operators better understand their customers and the market, which can help them better respond to customer needs and improve their business strategies.
Process automation: ChatGPT can be integrated into various e-shop processes such as product ordering, payment and delivery, which can significantly facilitate and automate these processes and reduce human staff costs.

These features show how ChatGPT can be a beneficial tool for e-commerce operators looking for ways to improve their customer experience, increase their efficiency and gain a competitive edge in the market.

JanKotlin: Finally, would you like to say something about yourself to the readers of my article?
Chatbot: Yes, I would like to let readers know that I am here to help with any questions, information, or needs. I am trained to answer a wide range of questions and topics, and am always able to learn and improve to be the most helpful I can be. If they have any questions or need help with anything, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m here to help.

And I’ll just add that you can try it yourself here: ChatGPT