The service application is used for planning, coordination and teamwork of technicians in the field. It is simple, works without installation and is easy to use. It is also available on all popular mobile devices and tablets, all you need is an internet connection.

The Pocketservice app brings benefits to all stakeholders dispatchers, technicians, clients and owners. More efficient work with maximum benefit for everyone!

Pocketservice is a revolution in the approach to the registration of service actions. From the protocol we get to fully electronic records, planning, reporting and invoicing. And at the same time, we rapidly reduce the error rate.

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  • Time and cost savings. Easy organization and overview of order processing, including capacity utilization.
  • High compatibility with different browsers and devices, seamless access and instant response.
  • Digitize your service, save costs and speed up processes. An environmentally friendly solution with increased data security.
  • Digitization with Pocketservice means significant cost savings, reduced error rate, increased efficiency and faster processing of orders.