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  • Process consultation, initial consultation, business analysis, solution proposals, integration and implementation, custom development, reporting, training, change management. Solving the problem is just a stepping stone for us.

  • Whether you think of websites, portals, e-shops, integrated reporting and management interfaces (MIS), application hosting or hosting of economic systems, we are able to advise you and take care of the complete implementation of the solution. We also deal with data analysis, system integration and custom software development.


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Konzultační činnost

Sprinx Consulting provides a comprehensive service for the design and delivery of solutions within the Sprinx Systems group. Through our consultants, analysts and project managers, we provide consultations, business analysis, proposed solutions and implementation in the form of project deliveries.

Where can we help you?

  • CRM for customer relationship management
  • e-commerce and digital transformation
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • insurance industry
  • Industry 4.0
  • high performance computing
  • hosting and cloud solutions including monitoring and security


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The role of consultants is to create partnerships for digital transformation and strategic development of business information systems. Consultants identify opportunities and, in accordance with technological trends, provide realistic ideas for subsequent solutions. This cooperation will allow customers to use the best experience for targeted system development.

Consultants will analyze the business requirement and create a proposal with a solution process. Part of the analysis is a description of the user interface, functions and integration with surrounding systems and services over time.

A frequently asked question is whether the design and content of a web application supports the actual behavior and expectations of users. When designing solutions, we take into account user research, business requirements and current market demands.

The assigned project manager will ensure the delivery of the work according to the agreed methodology. A project usually includes a phase of planning, preparation, production, testing and implementation for which the project manager coordinates the work and cooperation of all project participants. The project may also include post-implementation and subsequent service supervision.

Project management

We will be a partner for you and your company

We approach projects comprehensively, the essence is to understand the customer’s intentions so that the result of the work corresponds as much as possible to expectations and real business needs.

For us, this means providing customers with a comprehensive approach from a thorough analysis of needs, current processes and systems to implementation, training and support.


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We work in five steps that will ensure the optimization of processes in your company:

  1. Initial meeting – we will meet, discuss your ideas, goals. We will talk about how you work in the company and what could be improved.
  2. Analysis of needs and goals – we identify the space for streamlining your processes, familiarize ourselves with current data flows and then describe everything.
  3. Solution design and implementation plan – we will design the solution architecture, draw up an implementation plan, which we will familiarize you with and fine-tune together.
  4. Delivery of the work – based on the analysis and the agreed procedure, we will manufacture the work, test it and put it into operation.
  5. Training and support – we will train your users after implementation. We also recommend concluding an agreement on further cooperation in terms of technical and consulting support so that you can use the work effectively in the long term.