What we are offering?

We create e-shops and websites that support the growth of your business, but also place you among the pioneers in digital transformation. Imagine reduced operating costs and accelerated processes – this is the power of optimization and digitization that our solutions offer you.

One of our top priorities is to provide support and expertise to our clients at every stage of the project. Our e-commerce consultants will present you with relevant questions and recommendations that will help you better understand and define your goals in relation to the project.
Our team is composed of developers, quality engineers, designers and dev-ops developers who are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our products and services and at the same time participate in the technical design of a specific project.
We base our proposals and technological decisions on data from research and analytics. We do not forget to look at technological trends in the given business segment.
We aim to be at the cutting edge of technology trends to provide you with a solution that puts you ahead of the competition.
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Sprinx e-commerce

  • B2B e-shop
  • B2C e-shop
  • Portal solutions
  • Websites
  • Small websites and microsites



Sprinx B2B Ready

B2B e-shop ready to launch!

Our B2B Ready platform is an application ready to quickly launch your online sales. This platform brings ergonomics adapted to B2B trading. With the simplicity and intuitiveness that B2B Ready offers, your business will grow faster and more efficiently.

B2B Ready is a platform that is truly ready to support the growth of your business. It offers a wide range of features that increase efficiency and productivity, including advanced order management, inventory tracking and integration with your existing systems. In addition, thanks to the modern technologies we use, you will gain a competitive advantage and be at the forefront of B2B e-commerce.
Let B2B Ready transform the way you do business. With this platform, you will be able to respond to market challenges with incredible speed and flexibility. Get into digital commerce in no time and push the boundaries of what’s possible with our B2B Ready platform.

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  • Reducing error rates and eliminating lost orders
  • Connection to your and customer’s information systems
  • Faster and more convenient handling of a larger number of orders
  • Fast implementation
  • Clear display of products and orders
  • B2B price lists, bonuses and stock availability
  • Automating claims processes
  • Openness of the platform for further development



Implementation and customization of Shopify

Sprinx’s e-commerce solution also has an area for smaller e-shops in its portfolio, built on the Shopify cloud platform.

In addition to extensive customized e-commerce solutions for the largest Czech internet merchants and the new Sprinx B2B Ready e-commerce platform for a quick start with online B2B trading, Sprinx Systems is also able to provide its experience and capabilities to smaller internet merchants who are looking for cheaper, ready-made e-shop platform.

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The current economic situation forces most companies to reduce costs, but at the same time reach new customers. At the same time, Sprinx saw an increased demand for the implementation of e-commerce solutions on standardized platforms. That is why the Czech supplier of large e-commerce solutions, such as the e-shops of Teta drogerie, Eset or Český velkoobchod, first created the new Sprinx B2B Ready platform, intended for the rapid launch of online trading between manufacturers or wholesalers and their corporate customers.

And the next logical step was to expand the portfolio with e-commerce solutions aimed at end customers. Since there are several globally successful solutions in this area, Sprinx analysts compared their features and chose the Shopify cloud service as a suitable platform for standardized e-shops.

The Shopify platform offers several tariffs that are suitable both for beginners with a narrow range of products and for larger solutions that require more complex product management and integrations. For these merchants, Shopify will provide a flexible platform on which an e-shop can be launched in just a few weeks, at the price of minor concessions in the customization options of their e-commerce solution.

Shopify is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that fully supports Czech legislation related to online trading, whose basic functions can be expanded through a truly extensive range of additional applications. Thanks to this, it is possible to solve, for example, the connection of an e-shop operated on Shopify to various price comparators, payment methods, carriers and other services. In addition, automation and personalization tools are also available, as well as connections to ERP, warehouse or logistics systems.

Overall, Shopify is a fairly extensive solution, which requires specific knowledge to properly implement and connect to data sources about the products in the merchant's offer and its business systems. Of course, these are available to consultants and other Sprinx specialists, who will provide merchants with the complete implementation of their new e-shop on the Shopify platform. At the same time, Sprinx can also develop other add-ons to Shopify according to the merchant's specific needs and ensure integration with business systems.

Thanks to the combination of Sprinx's services and experience with the leading global e-commerce platform Shopify, merchants can get a high-quality e-shop solution with low costs of implementation and subsequent operation, as well as the possibility of future development.
Merchants can order a new e-shop on the Shopify platform already, Sprinx consultants will help with the preparation of the necessary data sources.