Salesforce for Siemens

At the beginning of the project, Sprinx Consulting had to analyze in detail the work style of customer support, and then it was necessary to perform data consolidation, which is the first and most fundamental step to the effective functioning of the new solution. The original data was used to fill the customer information base. This data is needed for further work with customers and is linked to the communication channel, which here is e-mail.

Field Service Lightning was used, FSL is an application package for the Salesforce Service Cloud solution that uses Lightning Experience and a native mobile application, available for iOS and Android operating systems. It is a comprehensive solution for supporting and managing processes in the field of providing services to customers in a specific location, planning, installation, maintenance, repairs, etc. FSL allows dispatchers to conveniently plan and optimize the use of resources and ensure communication between technicians and dispatchers as well as easy reporting of service interventions directly from the customer.


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