Marketing makes sense both on a small scale and on a large scale if done well.


We will listen to your ideas and goals, together we will define your target group and the channels to reach them and deliver the right message. We will help you make the most of your story and meet your business goals.

Is your current marketing failing? We analyze your campaigns and recommend appropriate changes to your settings. With the help of experienced operators, we will conduct research and get feedback from your customers.

Why connect with us?

  • We understand the power of story and are not afraid to use it.
  • We have the experience and background of a large software company.
  • We love marketing and advertising.
  • We are interested in your success, we are not interested in one-off cooperation.
  • We don’t promise what we can’t deliver.
  • AI is a good servant but a bad master. That’s why we learned to tame it.


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"If I had the last dollar in my pocket, I would spend it on advertising." Henry Ford

We are looking for the right channels and messages to your B2C and B2B customers.

Sometimes it can be a nice newsletter at the right time. Other times, a banner or a telephone invitation. Each customer has their own specific requirements, needs and sensitivities. We are looking for the right tools and ways to reach him with the right message at the right time. Because we know customers love to shop, but hate being sold to.

We will connect your interests with the interests of the customer. We market the benefits of your product/service, not its features.
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How do we meet your goals?

  • Telesales
  • PPC
  • PR a content marketing, storytelling
  • Copywriting
  • Social media, Influencing
  • SEO analysis
  • Offline and outdoor
  • Print
  • Merchendasing
  • Events
  • Webinars, podcasts
  • Consultancy