When you’ve outgrown the product, it’s time to choose a custom solution.

What is a custom solution? Such a solution fully adapts to your processes and infrastructure. You do not make compromises and concessions. Such a solution can also grow very flexibly with your business.

At Sprinx, we specialize in custom solutions. We approach each project completely individually and, based on the analysis, we recommend the most ideal solutions and technologies. Our currency is integration, we connect even the seemingly unconnectable.

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Why choose Sprinx?

  • 27 years of experience and 100+ successful projects
  • More than 70 developers, testers, consultants and designers
  • Our stack: #React, #Tailwind CSS, #Node.js, #NestJS, #SQL Server, #Mongo DB and many more
  • We have our own data center
  • We have access to the latest software technologies
  • We are number one for integrations; we connect “anything to anything”
  • We are 100% replaceable


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Development phase of custom solutions



Together we will turn your dreams into functional solutions

We are honored to be proud of 27 years of experience and a large collection of successful projects. We have an overview of modern programming languages, from JavaScript to Python and C#. But aside from these technicalities, we’ve also found that humor, lightness, and creativity are important parts of creating great things.

So yes, we claim that we are able to transform even the most rock-solid ideas into functional solutions. But how do we do it? It is precisely the mixture of experience, creativity and determination that we can bring to the world of software and create fantastic solutions.

Every project is a unique challenge for us. We love individuality and don’t want our customer to feel like one of the herd. On the contrary, we want you to tell us your wildest ideas and together we will turn them into reality. Trust us, you won’t be bored with us!

If your ideas are escaping into the digital universe and you need a team that can turn your dreams into reality, we’re here for you. We, Sprinx Systems, are your ideal partners.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas too. Contact us and let’s create a functional solution from ideas!

Go for it!